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26 weeks to go!

tomorrow starts my 2nd trimester. i really hope that the tiredness goes away.....actually, i'm not for certain if its tiredness or laziness that's the problem.

i can't believe that i've only got 26 weeks left in this pregnancy. it seemed like only yesterday, i was still wrapping my brain around the idea of being a parent. i've only got six and a half months to be really, really selfish and sadly, i've been too tired to care.

for a lot of women, this stage of pregnancy is filled with resounding energy......which is great since i haven't walked in a couple of weeks and really need to.

yesterday, i played (or rather attempted to play) tennis with the sister. every 10 minutes, i'd call time and rest. she hopes the 'kid' picks up a racket and teach me how to play! we later enjoyed the fall weather by walking and shopping through town......

and ended the day with a trip to krogers' to look around the produce section. i've been eating apples,…