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Pregnancy is supposed to be this beautiful and wondrous thing. If you're like me, you have had the perfect "textbook" pregnancy up until the words, "you have Preeclampsia," were uttered. Suddenly, you're not so sure what's going on with your body, with your pregnancy, and to some extent, with your life. 
I've been there. 
I've researched more than I care to admit about Preeclampsia, "life after preeclampsia," subsequent pregnancies, etc. 
I thought I was done with babies when I still have to pick up broken pieces of my heart and this idealization of what motherhood is supposed to look like when my girl was born. 
I endured.
I AM enduring.
There's really nothing you can do except putting one foot in front of the other and hoping for the best.

I thought I was over it, until I realized what Preeclampsia left behind: anxiety for the future, PTSD, and heart disease risks in my future.

This time, it brought with it Postpartum Depression. 
I'm an author. I fight with words. 
I journaled my entire pregnancy and ppd and wrote a memoir called, Storm of Hope: God, Preeclampsia, Depression and me.
I walked away from blogging for a while. 
But some things you just can't walk away from. 

There is life after Preeclampsia and postpartum depression.....I'll just blog and write my way through until I get there.


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