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day two

i haven't responded to my work emails today unlike yesterday when i was religiously looking at it, but today....not so much.

i have been reading up on pre-e some more. according to some forums and blogs, baby was delivered within two weeks of diagnosis. that would mean i would see her at 33 weeks....if things go south, of course.

so here i go reading up on survival rates of babies born at 33 weeks. which honestly can't be good for my blood pressure.

today's numbers were a lot better than yesterday's!! i haven't seen a reading in the 90s diastolic yet. i suppose this bed rest thing is working.

there is still controversy surroundng it, however, on whether or not bed rest helps with pre-eclampsia. either way, it can't hurt and from the things i was doing yesterday (laundry, folding, dishes) i figured those were plenty reasons for my bp to be high.

i hate feeling useless, but all i can think about is her. i couldn't sleep liast night from thinking so much abou…

day one of bedrest

it hasn't been a full day yet and i feel like i'm already going crazy. it's not that i'm stubborn and trying to go against the doc's orders of bedrest, its the fact that i'm technically all alone over here.

the hubs works the night shift and try as i can last night and hopefully tonight, i can't get on his schedule fast enough. there will always be a period where i'm awake or he isn't here or asleep. i have to make food for myself and my ocd personality has been itching to clean the kitchen and bathroom....and let's not get started with the massive pile of laundry.

i'm really close to asking someone to come over and clean my house for me.

i've been reading as much as i can about the what-nots on bed rest. does light laundry count as light chores?

i finally made the decision to lower the ringtone on my least i don't have a rushed panic if i hear the ringtone i have saved for my boss or my work......but then again, they&…

diagnosed with pre-eclampsia

this morning i got a phone call from my mid-wife. she said that the bloodwork she took on friday came back with numbers that were concerning. although she wouldn't tell me what the numbers were, suffice it to say that i am officially on bed rest!

which makes me (borderline type a personality over here) kinda crazy.

i realize that the end result is to be healthy for Ellie. she deserves everything i give her and this may be a pain in the butt, but i do want her to get as close to developed and full term as possible.

reading through google (bad idea) about the survival rate of a 31 week old baby and a variety of women who have also had examples of preeclampsia and i think my blood pressure was elevating just reading through all of these mommies' stories.

so what exactly is pre-eclampsia? according to my friend, pre-e is defined as high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine after 20 weeks of pregnancy in a woman who previously had a normal blood pressure.…

4 weeks to go

dear baby,

so sorry I haven't written in a while. the doctor's visit this morning had both good and bad things. good: your heartbeat is strong. you're measuring at almost 31 cm (which apparently coincides with me being at almost 31 weeks.

now the bad parts: i've had some problems with my blood pressure. today it was at 135/98 and once i laid down for a few minutes on my left side, my blood pressure went down to 116/78. (which is great)!

i've put on weight (no surprise) but the doc is concerned with the fluids in my extremities. i've got a slight pitting edema and its not good....i went from a waddly version of myself to a swollen waddly vesrion of me in half a day's time!!

i've been on a low sodium diet for the past three weeks and as much as it sucks (did you know that there is sodium in practically everything)?? i know it'll be worth it in the end.
the doc also recommended that i cut down on my hours at work. luckily, i have the best people, not…

7 week countdown

i went to the doctor monday. she told me some distressing my blood pressure being high and that i'm going to be closely monitored from now on.
after crying hysterically in the car, i've decided that i will try to do everything to make sure this kid and i make it to 35 weeks. she wants me to maintain my weight, maintain or lower my blood pressure with some prescription pills for the next 7 weeks.
7 weeks seems forever! the hubs and i got rid of a lot of processed foods, went shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. hunkering down to health for the next 7 weeks. while the thought of not tasting my beloved dr p or having chocolates a day makes me sad, the very thought or picture of seeing her in NICU makes me sadder.
so here's to the next 7 weeks, universe. Pray for us.