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patience is a virtue

and one that i really am trying to have. the doctor came by today....while i know that she cannot give me a specific day and time of when baby will be's still frustrating and i want to shake her and ask her to just give me an abritrary day that will please my heart.

but i know she can't and here we are, just as lost as before.

the baby's heart rate, respiration rate and oxygen saturation was practically perfect. what they call "spells" is when all three rates drop. five days without spells = discharge. and she was on day four.....

so the countdown restarted

yesterday, she had three consecutively. and then some today.....they think its reflux, but just to be sure, they're doing an ECHO on her tomorrow.

i've never been one to be patient. i think i am and i want people to believe i am, but when no one's looking, i tap my fingers, my thoughts race and before i can stop myself, i do something i know i'll regret.... to get over the time…