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12 weeks and saying hello to Pree

Just when it was starting to get good in the "prego" department - no nausea and food staying in - I get a "lovely" phone call from a nurse today. I did a 24 hour urine collection on Friday and received the results this morning.

I do have protein in my urine. It's "mild" but "slightly elevated than the norm."

Cue the burgeoning hysterics.
I am trying to take it "easy" at work and at home. I've been blessed and fortunate enough to have a husband that has shouldered most of the household responsibilities. What a blessing and an honor to see how much closer Ellie and her daddy have gotten!! I've taken more naps now than I have in the past three years. I'm starting to not really care how much of a mess my house looks. I haven't opened Ellie's closet or looked under her bed in a while for runaway toys or half eaten food.

I'm trying to distract myself. Trying hard not to break down in tears, especially not in front…

Meet Gummy Bear 2.0

*SIDENOTE: So we, meaning my hubs and I, started a social experiment about NOT announcing this pregnancy on any social media BUT there are a lot of things I'd like off my chest and this blog has followed my first pregnancy, my preeclampsia and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) experience that I thought I'd share this one too from the very beginning. Preeclampsia has truly affected my mental state in a way that I never thought it would, including how not excited I am about being pregnant again, how I am more anxious and how every few 'normal' looking symptoms of pregnancy, such as random stomach pressure pain, 1 pound weight gain, and even a random headache, I have dissected over and over again. I am giving myself "breathing breaks" where the first shot of panic and anxiousness appears, I take a few deep breaths and calm down. What I really need is to take a knee every so often and pray through the anxiousness.
Anyway...... and so it begins:
Week 10. Day 6…