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Preeclampsia Awareness Month 2018

I was told on Mother's Day two years ago, that the NICU was gearing up to discharge us. I spent a majority of that day doing Infant CPR and infant care and then doing a car seat challenge.

There was no "celebration of mom" at our house, but a celebration of the IDEA that my family would be whole soon.

On Feliz dia de las Madres (Mexican Mother's Day), I was holding onto my little man's hand on our way home.

I didn't have breakfast in bed or have a slice of cake. I didn't have any time carved out for "me-time." 

What I did have were little toes and fingers to kiss lovingly....for however long I wish.

I didn't have wires I had to worry about or had to explain to my five year old why and what the alarms that sounded meant.

What I did have was a big helper who knew where the diapers and wipes were kept; who kept kissing on baby brother and who wanted so badly for him to "get bigger so we can play barbies."

What I understand and what I'm g…