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2 months old

Baby, I can't believe how time is quickly passing us by! You've been home 18 days after spending 43 days in the NICU. I was so worried about how you and I were going to be.... would you know I was your mom? would you miss life inside the NICU? but right from the start, you were pretty cool with everything. You came home with a heart downright sucks, but its been a few days since I heard it beeping signaling low heart rate or no breath. That means you're doing better which I'm so glad! You know me. I sing silly lullabies that I start to make up words to because half of them I don't remember. And you sit (well, lay) there staring at me, looking at my mouth...and when someone else has you in their arms, I've caught you a few times looking towards the sound of my voice. You love being held, little one. At first, I had this overwhelming need to make sure you weren't going to be spoiled and told everyone not to hold you all the time... but aft…