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Resignation letter

I remember back in 2008 praying and praying that I found a job. ANY JOB. And after driving to Corpus, Garland and Killeen, someone took a chance on me and my inexperienced resume. Almost 5 years later and I can't believe all the opportunities, the travel, the people and the lessons and experiences that I have accumulated. Let me stress again that I LOVE my job. It's not just a job. I get to go to a clinic and meet some crazy ladies, hold some precious babies and work with the best people........after my boss and I chatted today, she went ahead and asked me to start composing my resignation letter.

So formal and so scary! I have NEVER resigned before. I've tried to always find something positive and fun about a job and jobs and life always had a conflict. I left my sales position when my inbound team got disbanded and there where no longer offering inbound services. But, I went back after I graduated, figuring that no one else would hire me!!

Even when I was younger, I trie…