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18 weeks!

(taken at 11-30-11)

Apetite getting bigger! and 12 days (starting tomorrow) we get to find out what gummy bear is!!! I'm getting anxious and hope to start feeling him/her soon. Friends who are pregnant around the same time as me have already started feeling their tiny ones. I haven't felt anything, sadly. I heard the heartbeat so in that sense, I know its at least ALIVE...but I'd really like to start feeling something.

a spring in my step

Do you know why I love fall? Aside from the wonders of nature - falling leaves, browns, oranges and reds, thanksgiving, turkey, spiced pumpkin latte at starbucks?? Ok, so that last one isn't really on my list. I've been banned from Starbucks (my first love) by my current love (the hubs).

I love fall because I have absolutely NO EXCUSES to NOT RUN. It's perfect, breezy and slightly chilly. Hoodies, leggings and my favorite tennis shoes and I'm good to go. I walked 1.8 miles today and probably jogged about .25 mile. I wasn't exactly sure how the kid was going to take it. But it wasn't like September. It was still 90 plus degrees outside and after only going for a minute, felt like I could collapse at any second!!!

I did talk to my doctor at 9 weeks that I'm an "occassional runner" and if it was still ok to run when the mood strikes. She gave me the go ahead. I even started reading and researching books on running while pregant and for the most part…