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dancing gummy bear

i don't think i'll look at a mini-gummy bear the same way! here's my first ultrasound 9 weeks, the 'kid' apparently was moving his/her hands and feet. dancing to the beat of its own drums already. here's a pic, and to blur out some of my info, i added that wonderful little 'i heart u' up top.

i still don't know what i feel or how to wrap my mind around being a P-A-R-E-N-T.

my first prenatal appointment

apparently i'm going to have many 'firsts' - first (hehe) for eight months throughout the rest of this pregnancy and second, well....for the rest of this kid's life.

i've had so many experiences since starting this blog four years ago. lost friendships, gained momentum in my studies, figured out who i was and then lost what i thought i wanted to be. fell in love, got married. graduated. homeless, broke. success. prayers answered.

i wanted to initially write my blog to figure out how i felt about religion and the missteps i know i'd have along the way. i wanted to feel like somewhere in this blogosphere were people who would help me get to where i'm supposed to be.

i believe (and still do) that God uses everyone in all possible sense and different scenarios to better you, strengthen you and help lead the way to Truth.

now i gotta figure all that out and sort it out before the end of april.

and this blog will become a recording of this little mexican/filip…

oh, Texas - I can smell fall

it's a wonderful 80-something degree outside. the wind picks up every now and then and i can sense the magical change of autumn in the air.

i love this weather. this season. this time of the year. we'll have pumpkins decorated for halloween and turkey on our table before long.

this is also the perfect time to run and kickstart my active lifestyle. i do not need to change anything, as far a caloric intakes go. in my 2nd trimester, i'm supposed to add 350 calories a day and in my 3rd, its 450 calories.

i never bought that whole "eating for two," stuff. i am determined that for my weight range (and yes, i'm still in the obese category) to gain no more than 10 - 12 pounds.

at last weigh in, i was at 170.4