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Hurricane Work is Coming - brace yourself

There is this looming dread that is slowly making its way here. I can hear it and if I focus on a certain focal point, I can almost see it. Like thunder roaring off in the distance, lighting that strikes the darkening clouds, a storm is headed my way.

........or that's how I feel with my job interview come Thursday.

Perhaps, I am making this slightly more dramatic than it should be. To be fair, it is my first job interview in six and a half years. I can at least tell my employer that for the past year and a half of my sabbatical, I not only took charge of my toddler but managed to write a book!

It's the letting go part that I have never quite grasped a handle on. I honestly don't know how people who have no family or support system in place manage to work with the knowledge that their child(ren) is being taken care of.

I found a daycare nearby, complete with a security system where parents can watch their child(ren) interact with other kiddos on their phone or a comput…