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reality bites

well, i wouldn't go as far as saying that. my reality has been filled with plenty of blessings. i am a lucky girl. i have had my shares of downs and tears like most, but overall, i'd say i'm lucky. truly.

last night, i spent the whole day cooking a feast. i had my turkey, corn casserole, buffalo chicken dip, green beans, mexican rice and carne guisada. all ready for my guests (sisters in law). i've cooked for them before, so this was nothing new. but it would be our first christmas together without our parents. my parents were having their annual christmas party while theirs was on their way to mexico for my mother in law's parents' 60th wedding anniversary. the sisters would fly out on tuesday.

it was nice and quiet. i enjoyed cooking and cleaning. we opened presents and talked about what Ellie would be like, who she'd look like the most.

this morning, i drove to my hometown and visited with my parents. my dad saw my growing belly and touched it trying t…

20 weeks!

My name is Eleanor Reece - but my mommy will call me Ellie. I'm told I'm named Eleanor for my dad's love of mustang. Specifically, the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500. Reece comes from my parent's love of Reese's peanut butter cups.

I like to move around in my mommy's belly. Sometimes, I get poked at - which I don't like, but I'm learning to poke back....which I don't think my mommy likes. One day, I'll come out and poke whoever kept doing that to me and see how they like it!

what i wish for you

Dear baby,
I've slowly started a 'baby book' for you, but as you get older, you'll learn that life is chaotic and sometimes our best intentions are never realized.
Sometimes, I like to write - mostly about random thoughts, God-searching, hopes, dreams and wishes. This section is for you.
This morning, at my 20 week appointment, I found out what you are. I've waited and hoped that you would be a boy. But the surprise was that you are a busy body little girl. Casey, the sonogram tech, would find where you were and as soon as she was finish keying in something in the computer, you'd move positions again. She had to chase you from one end of the tummy to the other. Makes me wonder what energy you'll have when you come out!!
It's 13 days till Christmas and all I wish for you (right now) is that you come into this world healthy. You won't know this yet, but your parents have NO IDEA what they're doing. There will be people in your life - aunts, gran…