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Raising Awareness for Preeclampsia

I just participated in a focus group dealing with a clinical study on the prevention and treatment of preeclampsia. Listening to four other moms about their preeclampsia journey reminded me of all the emotions I went through during Ellie's birth. I was afraid, feeling completely alone and not knowing what to do and who to turn to for help.
Don't get me wrong, I had such a wonderful support system in place. I had people who prayed for me, hugged me, check up on me on a daily basis that during those 43 days Ellie was away from me....I felt all the love in the world.

But unless you've gone through it, unless you faced the same intense fear and helplessness, I went through the journey alone. To see and "meet" some of these women ....and to know that these posts and tweets about celebrating life, raising and educating people about preeclampsia and putting a very human story behind the pictures.... to know that someone took those snapshots and tidbits of your life and wa…