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Two years later

A Happy Birthday to my precious! You still are mommy and daddy's whole world. You love to explore new things and new smells. You always smile and say hi or hola. Though, if they reply with an equal hello, you tend to frown and shy away! Silly girl, why say hello in the first place?

You are learning your manners with please and thank you. Once in a while, you'll mumble a 'welcome.' 
Daniel Tiger is still your favorite cartoon, but you'll sing along with Wyatt and his super readers. You clap along with Dora, too! 
You love to snack and eat all day long. But you're always, always on the go!

Singing and dancing is still your favorite hobby, but now you think its funny trying to climb mommy!!
I am so blessed beyond measure. My heart swells each time you look and me and say 'mommy.' 
Happy Happy Birthday to you!

Farewell to the working world

The season's changing, as it always does from what was been arguably been the LONGEST WINTER EVER!! I drove into work yesterday like I normally do; like I've normally done for five years. Except this time, it would be the last drive to work. My season of change is here. I am going from a working mom to a working-albeit-unpaid stay at home mom. A part of me is excited that I can finally catch up on some bonding time that I think I missed while she was in the NICU and when she was finally home, I only had X amount of time before I headed back to work. Never mind the fact that I feel like I already have plenty of mommy and baby time. I think I may just need a break and one that's a lot longer than the usual vacation. I need to recharge my batteries and just spend time with her.

I have enjoyed working for WIC and can tell you stories of some crazy clients, some whose life stories are hard to believe and then those whose everyday struggle is worth rooting success over. I haven…