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Houston Promise Walk Recap

I fell asleep sometime after midnight and prayed that the rain wouldn't come in the next few hours. Setting up the event with women who barely are functioning due to lack of sleep and the nervous energy in the air made for some awkwardness but in no time, whatever happens in the next few hours was up to fate.

And fate was kind. Participants started walking up and contacts formed for next year started happening. The rain didn't come until the next day. So incredibly blessed to be a part of the Promise Walk and be a witness to some of the strength women carry in secret.

There was a couple I met who's baby passed in March. She was there to walk. To keep her promise. I met a grandmother who was in town for a visit amd when she heard about the walk, came to walk with the other survivors, and walk in memory of someone. 
The truth is, you really cannot fanthom what anyone next to you is going through, until you've been where they were and seen what they have seen.
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Table for three

I am the middle child of two sisters. I have cousins who have no less than 3 children EACH. My own sister has FOUR. On my husband's side, his dad is the oldest of four. His mom is the oldest of TEN! So many uncles and aunts and cousins. I love the loud noises and boisterous gathering that comes with big families. We once joked about having four, or a soccer team, ourselves! Then realistically decided that two would be better for us......And with my history of Preeclampsia, we are perfectly happy with our 'table for three.'

I know that there are women who had Preeclampsia with their first pregnancy and had healthier pre-eFree pregnancies after. There are women with mild preeclampsia and then it progressively got worse after each pregnancies. Our bodies are so weird!

Allow me to pause for a moment to say that I don't want anyone - the government, random people, the church - to have a say on what I can and cannot do with my body. PERIOD. It's MY BODY and MY CHOICE.