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Reflecting and Renew after the storm

Today I was supposed to capture what I am grateful for in terms of "R&R."

"R&R" is defined by most people as "rest and relaxation." In the wake of Hurricane Harvey I doubt I'll rest and relax. There are still neighbors in need. There are still debris to be cleaned and picked up. There are still constant reminders that the rest of Houston is still in the recovery phase.

Instead, today I'll change "R&R" to "Reflect" and "Renew." Let's all take a moment and reflect the awesome power that is God. Let us reflect on the fact that we will come across storms in our lives and we feel both powerless and in awe of His power. Let us REFLECT on the idea that in an instant, our whole life could change. 
Now, after we huddle and hunker down and pray, let us all be RENEWed. Renew our faith and give to Him all the Glory.
Reflect the fact that we may build towers to reach Heaven, believe we have power and bully those a…

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