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14 weeks 5 days and 1 phone call later

Somewhere in my sleepy state this morning, I looked down at this unrecognizable number and hit ignore. I should have taken the call. I should have known after a week of back and forth calls, tests and having my previous health record turned over to my current OB will result in this one call.

I have to see a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) Specialist. I knew it was coming. I knew there would be things in my record that my OB may not be qualified to tell me.

I don't want to see the Specialist for various EMOTIONAL reasons.
I don't want to be told by yet another person to "take it easy."
I don't want to be reminded of how fragile my blood vessels, my heart and my gummy bear 2.0 are.
I don't want to be placed on yet another set of pills. Between forgetting my prenatals and gulping down a baby aspirin...I don't want yet another pill to swallow.

So many things I don't want and I know these are things that I need.
I'm tired of being treated as this frag…