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Life after Preeclampsia: What happens now?

So I've been thinking about where I want this blog to go. I have thought about deleting - but I can never make myself get to that point. I've thought about merging it with my author site since I write about Preeclampsia and what it did to me, how it changed me.

I'm realizing that I am more than my diagnosis, I am more than what is in my medical file. I'm also a walking story and advocate. While I think that no one pays attention, I will get random messages about what it means to be a survivor and how to process the grief that came when baby is in the NICU and mama is home.

I think there are more stories that need to be told, not just mine.....and I hope in the future, I get enough stories to fill this entire blog of mamas and their precious babies.

The truths about motherhood aren't pretty, this we all know.
Each mama has their own story that need to be told. It doesn't matter how ordinary it seems, I think recently we've all believed in wanting to live pic…