Why we walk: Promise Walk

May is almost over - can you believe that? And there are stories on social media about incredible stories of Preeclampsia and their NICU journeys - whether the road was paved with success, joy, failures and griefs.

I am a Preeclampsia Survivor.

My kids will grow up hearing stories of their birth; look through pictures of tiny babies that we couldn't take home and wonder if life would have been different if Our Story was different than the one we were handed.

I am a firm believer that God doesn't make mistakes, and miracles, and love are in abundance if you gave to the Universe your all. 

I knew I was strong but didn't realize how much strength a mother's heart can possess.

I know and believe in the power of prayer but didn't quite understand that prayers could be this tangible thing that you could blanket yourself in.

Those days are long behind me but I am always reminded of our journey during birthday and especially around this time.

I should have had Ellie on April 30th instead of March 3rd.
I should have had Ro on June 1st - scheduled csection but instead he came on April 28th...around the time Ellie would have been born. Crazy, right??

I don't believe in coincidences and our design had been mapped out from the beginning. Their birthdays will always be the day our stories began. Their life will be filled with gratitude, and love, and lots of hugs and, equal amounts of prayers because I still struggle with the "could have beens," and the "what-ifs."

There are so many stories and journeys taking place right now. Some are filled with hopelessness and anger. Some are filled with wonder and awe. Some have ended. Some stories are being pieced together still. Regardless, it is with these stories that was woven to form the Preeclampsia Foundation.

All stories, however the ending, are built on a promise that we will remember. We will walk to raise awareness, to support, and to help with research. 

I started doing my virtual walk and I'm only "up" 15 miles. For every mile I walk, I'll be donated $1. So I better get the move on the next few days!!

Until then, if you would like more information about Preeclampsia, please visit: www.preeclampsia.org

For information about a walk/donate/support, visit www.promisewalk.org


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