Preeclampsia Awareness Month 2018

Mother's Day 2016
I was told on Mother's Day two years ago, that the NICU was gearing up to discharge us. I spent a majority of that day doing Infant CPR and infant care and then doing a car seat challenge.

There was no "celebration of mom" at our house, but a celebration of the IDEA that my family would be whole soon.

On Feliz dia de las Madres (Mexican Mother's Day), I was holding onto my little man's hand on our way home.

I didn't have breakfast in bed or have a slice of cake. I didn't have any time carved out for "me-time." 

What I did have were little toes and fingers to kiss lovingly....for however long I wish.

I didn't have wires I had to worry about or had to explain to my five year old why and what the alarms that sounded meant.

What I did have was a big helper who knew where the diapers and wipes were kept; who kept kissing on baby brother and who wanted so badly for him to "get bigger so we can play barbies."

What I understand and what I'm grateful for is the two of us surviving another bout of preeclampsia. What I know is that there are moms who were celebrating Mother's Day with an Angel. There are fathers' holding their babies tightly and celebrating Mother's Day by a small grave.

This year, I will hug and kissed my babies. I will prepare a week's worth of school lunches for one of them, and schedule play dates with the other. I won't have "a day off." Because, I still remember those days where I needed to hold my babies and couldn't. I still remember celebrating Mother's Day beside an open crib with machines around me. Wounds and time may have passed us by but a part of me will still be in the NICU. My memories, whispers of me and him, and us wrapped together in our own little world surrounded by antiseptics.....those images can't be erased. 



Knowing just a few things about Preeclampsia and becoming your own advocate, your baby's advocate could save yours and your baby's life. 

Know the Signs. 
Know the Symptoms. 

Know your Blood Pressure Numbers.

There are groups online that is primarily for support. 

Seek them. 
Befriend them. 
Ask them for help, for validation that your fears are real and they are worth expressing to your medical team. 
Cry with them. 
Mourn with them. 
Be happy that they made their goal "gestation." 
Be super excited that they passed their trigger week without a diagnosis.

Cheer them on as their baby keeps growing and hitting milestones after milestones, from both inside and outside the walls of the NICU.

Research what you can about Preeclampsia and once you're "done" with the current research, tell your Congressman that more needs to be done. 

Write a letter. 
Sign the petition. 
Go on town hall meetings.

Visit the Preeclampsia Foundation Site: 

Maternal and Fetal Health is a BIG deal. 
No matter what your birth story was like.

Preeclampsia is a BIG deal.

Preach if you have to. Be quiet and write/blog if you need to. Be active in the matters of YOUR health and YOUR baby's health.


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